What’s new to Pipstack 2.0?

Forex Pipstack is a system that was originally launched on April 24th 2010. The systems back tests portrayed a system with massive profit potential, as it turns out, that potential carried over into real time performance. Witnessing the profitability of the system, our team quickly began exploring additional trading options. Through our testing, we realized Pipstack has the ability to trade several other currency pairs with extraordinary profit potential. The system now offically trades 4 currency pairs and is in beta testing for 2 more. Another step we’ve taken is to give the user the option to tweak almost any setting within Pipstack. Finally, we’ve moved our vendor services to Clickbank as we’ve found the customer is much more comfortable dealing with them.

How is Pipstack different from other EAs?

Pipstack is very different than the majority of commercial automated trading products. For one, we don’t promise you’ll “get rich quick”; thats not how forex trading works. We’ve developed a very robust trading program that when used properly, brings an additional edge to your trading account. Pipstack can very much so be used as a standalone system, however, we’ve found that using it as a compliment to other [quality] systems produces smooth, profitable returns.

Rarely do other trading systems reveal 10 year back tests for every currency it trades, why don’t they do this? Simple, because the system breaks down and can’t profit in every market condition. Pipstack, through diversification, risk management, and probability analysis works to both maximize gains and limit draw downs in every market condition. Finally, we update our system. Pipstack was initially launched in April of 2010, since then, we’ve updated the system twice, increased the universe of tradeable pairs, and made settings customizable. We currently have 2 more pairs in beta testing and are looking for ways to incorporate more strategies into the system.

What Currency Pairs and Time frame does it trade?

PipStack 2.0 is built to run on a 15 minute chart on 4 currency pairs. As of today those pairs are the EUR/USD, AUD/USD, EUR/GBP, and GBP/CHF. Older versions of Pipstack would deactivate if on a wrong currency chart, however, its come to our attention that users like experimenting with this system on other pairs. Because of this, we’ve opened the system up to function on any currency pair. If you find any extaordinary returns on exotic pairs, don’t forget to email us!

How much Trading can I expect to see?

PipStack 2.0 running default settigns on 4 currency pairs trades on average 3-4 times a week.

Does Pipstack use a Stop Loss?

Every single order placed by Pipstack uses a stop loss. A losing trade will never be more than an account percentage you specify.

How is Pipstack 2.0 setup?

Pretty much the same as any other Expert Advisor. First you need a Metatrader 4 platform installed on your computer. From there, Pipstack is a one click install and all you need to do is drag and drop Pipstack on the appropriate currency pair and time frame. Pipstack comes with very detailed instructions and support is always just an email away. If you are trading a live funded account you’ll need to register the account number on the member’s area here for pipstack to work.

What account size do I need?

In reality, Pipstack can trade any account size. Keep in mind that everything is relative, an investement of $500 is not going to yield $100,000 in a few weeks time. The only account size restrictions will be those of your broker. For accounts under $1,000, Pipstack will need the ability to trade micro lots in order to properly handle risk.

What size trades does it place?

By default, Pipstack will trade a lot size that is appropriate for the individual trade and the risk you specify. This setting can be disabled and you can have the option to trade whatever lot size you are comfortable with.

What if I’m unsatisfied with your product?

Every Clickbank purchase comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. If for whatever reason you’re unsatisfied with your product, simply request a refund and one will be granted.

If your system is so good why are you selling it?

The same reason anyone sells something, to make money from hard work and something we believe in. We use this system ourselves and we believe in the quality of it. There is no such thing as a holy grail of trading, and there is no reason people shouldn’t have access to a quality trading system that doesn’t cost a fortune in upfront costs or account management fees. The forex market has been flooded with a heap of garbage “robots.” We set out to prove that a good system with realistic expectations and realistic positive results can be had at a realistic price.

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